Right Wing Bonus Tracks: ‘The Greatest Threat to Religious Liberty in our Nation’s History’

  • Andrew Bieszad of Shoebat.com weighs in on the presidential campaign of Pete Buttigieg: “A sodomite whose name means ‘The king of cocks’ is running to be president of the US. How fitting, and it is without a doubt a subtle mockery of the current state of the US, a nation whose people have embraced sodomy by the super majority and as such, means the nation is on the road to perdition.”
  • Bryan Fischer is also not a fan of Buttigieg’s campaign: “Do not let his boyish good looks and charm deceive you. He threatens everything that you and I cherish … Bottom line: President Pete Buttigieg will be the greatest threat to religious liberty in our nation’s history.”
  • Chris McDonald thinks that it is time for President Trump to engage in “a little tyranny.”
  • BarbWire says that “many of [Rep. Ilhan] Omar’s actions and words since becoming a member of Congress sound very similar to the Islamic enemies of the United States.”
  • Stephen Strang declares that supporting reproductive rights makes one fundamentally disqualified to hold any public office.
  • Finally, Dave Daubenmire advocates imposing physical punishments, such as caning, for women who get abortions.