Right Wing Bonus Tracks: The Great Satan

  • Milo Yiannopoulos reportedly hopes “to establish a Florida-based clinic to help gay men leave the homosexual lifestyle.” In the meantime, he’s calling for gay men to be executed.
  • Michele Bachmann says that “we were literally having our greatest days under Donald Trump,” but now the Biden administration is “pure evil”: “They’re putting every wicked policy in place that they can to take us down and to put us into a place of enslavement.”
  • Shane Vaughn declares that “a Biden presidency will be the most failed one in the nation’s history. I will thwart every move it attempts. FAILURE is written across the 46th president. Failure the likes of which has never been seen in US politics. Everything attempted by this administration will fail. Defeat is coming! Fear not; God’s hammer will see to its eventual demise.”
  • Vincent James gripes that “white people are being denied employment, white students are being turned away from college, white children are being taught to hate themselves in schools, and white people are becoming second class citizens in every institution. All of this is happening while America approaches becoming minority white and white people are being constantly attacked in by the media and Hollywood.”
  • Pat Robertson criticizes President Joe Biden for refusing to escalate the crisis in Ukraine and not threatening to nuke Russia.
  • Finally, Nick Fuentes encourages prayers for the “brave” Russian soldiers who are fighting to “liberate Ukraine from the Great Satan and from the evil empire in the world, which is the United States.”