Right Wing Bonus Tracks: The Gifts of the Patriarchy

  • Nikki Haley kicked off her presidential campaign by having right-wing pastor John Hagee deliver the opening prayer at her first campaign rally.
  • Jarrin Jackson says that “empathy is evil”: “Reject empathy. New Age Marxism flanking the truth of Christ through subjective feelings and emotional tropes – usually leveraged by personal appeals, heart-wrenching images, and calls for abandoning truth in preference of experience.”
  • Ali Alexander declares that “shrieks of ‘misogyny’ only exist where men are physically present enough to be bullied and spiritually absent enough not to provide women with the gifts of the patriarchy.”
  • Robin Bullock claims that the Vietnam War was started by Satan in order to stop the Jesus People movement.
  • Stew Peters insists that “the black national anthem is anti-White racism.”
  • Finally, Brigitte Gabriel doesn’t understand why Democrats “are always so upset and outraged over everything.” Um, excuse us?