Right Wing Bonus Tracks: The Future Home of Pets Monthly

  • Cindy Jacobs says she received word from God to call for a global day of prayer to stop the spread of the coronavirus.
  • Pat Robertson claims that as long as you have a “healthy gut,” you won’t get sick from the coronavirus.
  • Scott Lively warns that people will be intentionally infected with the coronavirus in an effort to damage the economy and prevent President Donald Trump from being reelected.
  • MassResistance’s Brian Camenker has nothing but praise for Roy Moore: “He is not like normal, weak men. He’s not letting up a bit. He is certainly not quitting. He’s a true inspiration in these dark, ‘culture war’ times. If America had just a few more leaders like him, we’d be in much better shape.”
  • Finally, Rodney Howard-Browne actually took time out of his sermon yesterday to tell us that nobody cares about what Right Wing Watch has to say, and that we will soon be reduced to publishing “Pets Monthly.”