Right Wing Bonus Tracks: The Equality Act Is ‘Shaking Your Fist at God’

  • Like his father, Tim Barton doesn’t seem to understand what “verbatim” means: “There are some specific things in the Constitution that do tend to correlate with specific Bible verses. And, actually some of them read almost verbatim Bible verse.”
  • Bryan Fischer claims that “Islam has now become the de facto established religion of the U.S. Muslims enjoy protections and privileges that Christians do not.”
  • Peter LaBarbera says that the Equality Act is “really shaking your fist at God” and “the most dangerous thing I’ve ever seen come out of the homosexual movement.”
  • Chris McDonald asserts that Hillary Clinton “literally” sold her soul to the devil.
  • Laura Loomer proclaims that “Barack Hussein Obama is a Muslim.”
  • Finally, Bill Wells, the mayor of El Cajon, California, explains why he and his fellow Christians support President Trump: “Like your big brother showing up just as you’re being worked over by school yard bullies, Trump showed up and sent the unruly media mob scattering. He took on the very premise of the media and called them out on their bias. Christians felt protected and understood.”