Right Wing Bonus Tracks: The Dragon Queen Of Religious Bigotry

  • Bryan Fischer is not a fan of EEOC commissioner Chai Feldblum: “There is not an individual in America who holds a more dangerous view on religious liberty than Ms. Feldblum because of the horrific damage she can cause. She is the Dragon Queen of Religious Bigotry, a one-woman Spanish Inquisition, who does not, in fact, believe in equality at all. What she believes in is homosexual supremacy. For her, it’s homosexuality uber alles.”
  • William Gheen is outraged that an undocumented immigrant has been appointed to a state post in California: “The first thing that needs to happen is that Immigration and Customs Enforcement go to this woman’s home and arrest her and promptly deport her, as our current laws state. That’s what needs to happen if our elections and Constitution and laws of the United States are going to mean anything.”
  • Larry Tomczak says that the film “Love, Simon” is “a sham. It’s also another device of the devil to ‘steal, kill and destroy’ (John 10:10) our children.”
  • Robert Bakke is a big fan of President Trump … and self promotion: “NASCAR driver/jet pilot/author, Robert Bakke, and his pedal-to-the-metal efforts to restore ‘God & Country’ are hitting max R.P.M. thanks to President Trump’s open displays of faith and patriotism.”
  • Finally, Liz Crokin is willing to brave the dangers of investigating Satanic Ritual Abuse.