Right Wing Bonus Tracks: The Devil Tried To Stop Jonathan Cahn’s New Book

  • Kevin Burke sees the parallels between Stephen King’s “It” and legal abortion: “Think of the razor-like teeth of Pennywise the clown tearing off the arm of little Georgie. That’s a powerful metaphor for the actions of an abortionist.”
  • Jim Garlow wants to know why Fox News meteorologists can recommend praying, but public schools can’t.
  • Representing President Trump has already been very lucrative for Jay Seklulow.
  • It’s a little hard to understand how voters supposedly rejected Charlotte, North Carolina Mayor Jennifer Roberts because she “ramrodded a city ordinance giving transgendered individuals the right to use either restroom in city businesses” when she lost a primary to a Democratic rival with a “voting record [that] is nearly identical to that of Roberts.”
  • Finally, Marcos Perez of Charisma House publishing thinks that the devil was trying to stop publication of Jonathan Cahn’s latest book by using Hurricane Irma to knock out power to their offices: “I don’t doubt that the enemy has a target on our company and our building. It was a major struggle for power to be restored, and our staff had to set up temporary offsite workstations at our warehouse, which I don’t believe is a coincidence one week before the launch of Jonathan Cahn’s book.”