Right Wing Bonus Tracks: The Devil Hates Praying Trump

  • Jack Graham says that the photo of Religious Right activists praying over President Trump in the Oval Office went viral because “it just stirred the devil and his crowd up … Satan doesn’t want sanctity of life. He doesn’t want religious freedom and the power of the free pulpit in America. Satan wants to stop the advance of freedom and persecute people and kill, steal and destroy. It’s disheartening. I didn’t expect this much vileness, depravity and darkness.”
  • The Benham brothers declare that “although we don’t face a despot leader today, we do face a despot agenda – an anti-American, anti-God, sexual revolution, which is just as formidable an enemy to freedom as any despot the world has ever known.”
  • Will Michigan have the honor of electing Senator Kid Rock?
  • What if Alex Jones were an indie folk singer?
  • Finally, Gordon Klingenschmitt declares that those in the British government are Nazis who are as bad as Hitler.