Right Wing Bonus Tracks: The Deep State Is Tanking The Economy

  • Pat Robertson suffered a stroke on Friday but is reportedly expected to make a full recovery.
  • Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones declares himself to be the second-greatest meme on Earth, second only to President Trump, of course.
  • James Robison is throwing his support behind Bruce Jacobson Jr., who serves as vice president of media for Robison’s LIFE Outreach International, in his primary challenge against Sen. Ted Cruz.
  • Last week, Rep. Matt Gaetz received public backlash for bringing right-wing political operative Chuck Johnson, who has posted Holocaust-denying statements online, to Trump’s first State of the Union address. Yesterday, Johnson took to his site GotNews to ask for forgiveness for his prior anti-Semitic comments, which he claims he wrote as part of an effort to have former Reddit CEO Ellen Pao fired: “I apologize to those who may be offended by some of the tactics I have used and while they have been effective at my narrow political goals they have harmed positive relations among all people and for that I am sorry.”
  • Joseph Farah says that John Kerry “seems to prefer the terrorists. And why should that surprise anyone after his notoriously anti-American history?”
  • Finally, Josh Bernstein thinks that the deep state is tanking the economy by causing the stock market to crash today: “Tax cuts are clearly working. Pension funds are growing. Stock Market is smashing records on a daily basis. Now without any signs of trouble the down loses a 1,000 points? I don’t buy it. 70% of Wall Street are Ivy League educated Marxists. The left knows the GOP tax cuts are working. They witnessed the stellar performance of our President at the SOTU address and now exposing deep state corruption.His REAL approval numbers are close to 60-65% and their Russia collusion BS story has completely unraveled. So naturally call their left wing buddies on Wall Street to SABOTAGE the economy.”