Right Wing Bonus Tracks: The Cost of Voting Democrat

  • On Breitbart’s nighttime radio program, Ann Coulter predicted that if Sen. Elizabeth Warren is elected president in 2020, “suddenly she’d forget all about the Wall Street stuff, and it would just be pedal to the metal on transgenders.”
  • Dave Daubenmire believes that when it comes to fighting the left, “it’s a time for some kicks in the crotch.”
  • Bryan Fischer defends President Donald Trump’s decision to withdraw U.S. forces from northern Syria because “the only way to permanently pacify any part of the Muslim world is to colonize it and put Westerners in charge.”
  • The Canadian right-wing charity True North Centre for Public Policy has hired Lindsey Shepherd as an “investigative journalism fellow,” despite the fact that Shepherd appeared on a white supremacist’s podcast earlier this year.
  • Finally, Josh Bernstein says that anyone who votes for the Democratic candidate in 2020 should have their citizenship revoked.