Right Wing Bonus Tracks: The Coming Secular Liberal Theocracy

  • The federal version of Janet Porter’s Heartbeat Bill is scheduled to receive a committee hearing next week.
  • Rick Wiles opened his new television program yesterday by attacking those who have criticized the show, which is an interesting strategy for building an audience.
  • Robert Oscar Lopez predicts that “the theocracy to end democracy will come from the secular liberals, not from conservatives.”
  • Linda Harvey is no fan of Halloween: “When we learn that Oct. 31 is a significant day for actual pagans and witches, why would we gleefully send our children out this night to visit the homes of strangers?”
  • Scott Lively says that “the true litmus test for making America —and the world—great is our response to the culture-destroying ‘gay’ agenda, and the true measure of our national sanity is whether we stop trying to force the world to normalize it.”
  • Finally, the Family Research Council prays against George Soros: “God, intervene! Glorify your name! Protect and preserve your people. Be a shield to them against the schemes of evil men. May your people know your blessing and provision and be fully equipped to counteract the plans of those who scheme for evil. Cause every dollar intended to harm to fail! May God arise and his enemies be scattered! May God’s people be blessed and his kingdom works prosper despite every plot to overthrow them. May God bring this billionaire to his knees before the Lord Jesus in repentance, forgive him and all those he has used to do evil. Send us revival that will bring sinners and the faithful humbly to bow before you and confess you as Lord! Only you can save us, unite us in righteousness and heal our land.”