Right Wing Bonus Tracks: The Borking Of Roy Moore

  • Scott Lively warns that “the real lesson of the ‘borking’ of Judge Moore” is that “this is a fight to the political death of America or the Uniparty and we’d better act accordingly.”
  • The Federation for American Immigration Reform insists that the issue of immigration played no role in Roy Moore’s defeat.
  • Steve Jalsevac of LifeSiteNews.com declares that “Doug Jones owes [George] Soros big time. That will certainly translate into voting and other actions as a U.S. senator that must advance the Soros New World Order. He is now a Soros puppet.”
  • Josh Bernstein calls for entire families to be deported if any one of them commits a crime and cites North Korea to support his view.
  • You will not be surprised to learn that rabid misogynist Theodore Shoebat holds completely misogynistic views about the recent wave of sexual misconduct scandals.
  • Finally, the Family Research Council prays against allowing transgender people to serve in the military: “Lord, you ordained use of ‘the sword’ for national security and police protection a core role of civil government. You created the two distinct, biological sexes as fundamental to life and decreed that sexual anarchy is a serious sin with profound consequences to individuals and society. Lord, intervene! Prevent our military from further weakening and our society from further sexual anarchy via the godless indoctrination of our troops. Guide and govern our leaders in all three branches of government. You are our Judge. You are our Lawgiver; and You are our King; it is You who will save us!”