Right Wing Bonus Tracks: The Blasphemy Of Journalism

  • Lance Wallnau says that Pride Month is “a spiritual manifestation of the spirit realm, led by a high-level principality called Jezebel.”
  • GOP Rep. Kevin Hern was “honored to be a part of this community of believers who are working to reclaim our culture for Christ” while speaking to a group of Christian nationalists in Oklahoma: “Our red states love God. And our blues? I’m not sure what they love.”
  • Ben Zeisloft declares that “atheists should neither be permitted to run for office nor testify in court proceedings.”
  • Throughout Trump’s presidency, all we heard was that God anoints and appoints the president. But now that Joe Biden is president, “prophet” Mary Colbert claims that is not how it works: “Not everybody who is put in position are put in position because that who God wants.”
  • Finally, right-wing commentator Vanessa Hicks-Callaway accuses journalist Lauren Windsor of “blasphemy” for using “the sacredness of our faith” to obtain a recording of Justice Samuel Alito: “Some day, with the white throne of justice and judgment, she will give an account.”
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