Right Wing Bonus Tracks: The Age of Debauchery

  • Mario Murillo declares that “this is the age of debauchery,” and he knows who is to blame: “Why then are the wicked strutting their stuff? In two words: Joe Biden. They believe Joe Biden was the signal for the insanity. His presidency is the exaltation of vileness that the Bible warned us about.”
  • During Sunday’s church service, right-wing pastor Greg Locke told his congregation that he’d bail them out of jail if they were to be arrested for protesting a women’s health clinic or confronting “them bunch of pedophiles” at a Drag Queen Story Hour.
  • Josh Bernstein reports that he is part of an effort to audit the election results in Arizona, which he’s hoping will create a “constitutional crisis” that will result in a “writ of quo warranto” being issued to remove Biden from office.
  • Eugene Delgaudio proclaims that South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem has committed “political suicide” by requesting changes to a proposed state law aimed at preventing transgender athletes from competing in female sports.
  • Finally, John Guandolo says that “we just had an election in the United States where the communists seized power, so I would argue we don’t have a republic right now; we have a communist regime that is being run through China.”