Right Wing Bonus Tracks: That Is Some Serious 4-D Kavanaugh Chess

  • Liberty Counsel’s Mat Staver predicts that left-wing groups will create fake right-wing groups to generate the false impression that conservatives oppose the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court: “I think there’s even going to be false, so-called conservative groups that are created by the left and make it look like there’s a division within conservatives and those that believe in the rule of law.”
  • The Family Research Council prays for Kavanaugh’s confirmation: “May we pray for Brett Kavanaugh as he endures a trial by fire in the Senate judiciary hearings. May our senators and all Americans get to see this man’s heart and mind. And may You, Sovereign Lord, who know him intimately, guide the Senate in their inquiry. Help us to pray, and please prevent the savagery that some on the far left want to see in these hearings.”
  • The American Family Association’s Bryan Fischer does not seem convinced by the White House’s explanation of how Kavanaugh racked up and paid off so much personal debt.
  • Right-wing attorney Larry Klayman wants you to join his Freedom Watch Justice League.
  • Finally, President Trump once again assured the world that he is “a very stable genius,” which is exactly what stable geniuses always do.