Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Thou Shall Not Take Offense

  • Josh Bernstein will not celebrate Labor Day because he refuses to “celebrate a leftist labor movement.”
  • Mychal Massie insists that “it’s a fact easily proven and demonstrably evident that white liberals and white Marxists, i.e., Communists specifically, have been and remain the greatest threat to the well-being of blacks.”
  • Scott Lively believes the entire “Me Too” movement was cooked up simply to prevent Roy Moore from being elected to the U.S. Senate.
  • Until President Donald Trump came along, Brenden Dilley was broke and deeply in debt, and convinced that it was all former President Barack Obama’s fault. Recently, Dilley’s efforts to repair his credit score ran into some complications, which he is convinced were caused by someone at Chase Bank personally targeting him because he’s a Trump supporter.
  • Finally, Mary Colbert declares that Trump, just like Jesus, attacks people and calls them names and you can’t take offense at it “because you don’t want to take offense to Jesus.”