Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Summoning Demons Through Ritual Incantation

  • Josh Bernstein is so opposed to mail-in voting that he wants to see the entire U.S. Postal Service shut down: “I want to see all mail stopped—100 percent—until the end of the election.”
  • Erik Rush says that since “liberalism has served as nothing more than the soft-socialist wedge that communists have used to push their agenda through incrementally,” we should no longer “continue to tolerate liberalism as a legitimate political school of thought in America.”
  • Lance Wallnau warns that Black Lives Matter is engaged in spirit-summoning, witchcraft, and the “summoning of demons through a ritual of incantation.”
  • Contrary to what Brenden Dilley said, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson does, in fact, think that all Americans should wear masks to prevent the spread of COVID-19.
  • Finally, Michele Bachmann says that “China unleashed this virus because they wanted to kill Americans … to induce fear in all of us so that we’ll hate Donald Trump so much that we’ll all go vote for [Joe] Biden and Kamala Harris.”