Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Stop the Madness

  • Liberty Counsel’s petition will surely stop the impeachment of President Donald Trump: “This is a farce, a hoax and a witch hunt—and it must STOP! As a citizen and a taxpayer, I am demanding that you vote to Stop the Madness and Acquit President Trump!”
  • Lou Engle will be speaking at the ex-gay Freedom March in Boston in April.
  • Stephan Strang complains that “no matter what good Trump has done to reverse the left’s pull on the country, the media continues to blast him. The opposition goes beyond political agendas. It’s a spiritual battle that Christians can’t afford to ignore.”
  • Frosty Wooldridge fumes that “hearing Nancy Pelosi talk about the Constitution and the Founding Fathers is like hearing the devil quote the Bible.”
  • Finally, Bill Mitchell is now is dedicating segments of his “YourVoice America” program to the topic of secret government mind control technology.