Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Stolen, But We Don’t Know How

  • When the returns on election night showed there would be no “red wave,” Michele Bachmann immediately started casting doubt on the elections: “I think there’s something seriously wrong happening here tonight.” By the next day, Bachmann was openly declaring that “what we saw was a steal. The question is we don’t know how.”
  • Glenn Beck says that the main lesson for Republican candidates to take from the midterm elections is “model themselves” after Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis because “he is not divisive.”
  • Shane Vaughn explains what is responsible for stopping the expected red wave in the midterm elections: demons.
  • Terri Copeland Pearsons used her Wednesday night church service to “pray in the spirit” over the undecided elections and called on God to send angels tasked with “removing every fraudulent ballot, removing every wicked ballot.”
  • Finally, Andrew Torba is not a fan of democracy: “Democracy is when unmarried childless whores of Babylon select your leaders so they can continue to slaughter their children.”