Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Speaking The Language Of Faith

  • Kenneth Copeland Ministries insists that Gloria Copeland was not telling people there was no need for them to get a flu shot because Jesus would protect them but was rather “speaking the language of faith.”
  • Roy Moore will not be running for governor of Alabama
  • Arthur Schaper declares that “families matter, marriage matters, and gay marriage is an onslaught on God’s natural order and His goodness. It’s also a stunning, devastating attack on our children and the future of any country.”
  • Jesse Lee Peterson says that Eric Holder “has no chance” of being elected president: “If anything, he should be jail.”
  • The Wilks family is reportedly looking to buy Glenn Beck’s struggling The Blaze, which is confusing since God reportedly told Beck that He had “absolute miracles” in store for his network just a few years ago.
  • Finally, Gordon Klingenschmitt weighs in on the news that Cecile Richards will step down from Planned Parenthood: “You can see the blood dripping from her fangs.”