Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Soulless People

  • In an effort to assure everyone that he does not hate the president-elect, Kenneth Copeland issued an apology for the viral clip of him laughing at the media for declaring Joe Biden the winner of the 2020 presidential election.
  • Erik Rush is outraged by the “nation of feckless morons” that voted for Biden: “I see morons who failed to resist the pop culture spirit poison being purveyed by their schools and school boards because they didn’t want to appear bigoted. Finally, I see morons who insisted upon playing fair with opponents who were making gain after dangerous gain playing dirty.”
  • Andrew Wommack asserts that if Biden becomes president, it will not be the work of God because “he’s not the one putting in people that are pushing the LGBTQ agenda and causing social upheaval.”
  • Ann Vandersteel has become the latest QAnon conspiracy theorist to be booted from YouTube.
  • Finally, Deanna Lorraine declares that liberals are demon and soulless people and that President Donald Trump and his supporters “are the holy water on these demons. It’s like an exorcism for them.”