Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Sonny Hernandez Is Being Misunderstood

  • Wayne Allyn Root continues to insist that he accurately predicted the Mexico City earthquake when he declared two weeks ago that “the big one is around the corner in California, like any day, any week, or any month.”
  • Daniel Greenfield asserts that “Obama officials had spied on Americans to protect Iran and the Muslim Brotherhood. That’s more than a mere crime. It’s treason. Imagine if Watergate had been about the White House spying on Democrats for the KGB. That is the sheer full scope of what we appear to be dealing with here.”
  • Matt Barber says that “homo-fascism” is responsible for the death of Scout Schultz.
  • It is good to see that Glenn Beck is committed to focusing on the stories that matter most.
  • Breitbart editor-in-chief Matt Boyle says Anthony Scaramucci’s claim that Steve Bannon has “white nationalist tendencies” is “just entirely untrue.”
  • Finally, chaplain Sonny Hernandez laughably claims that his column in which he declared that it is wrong for Christians to defend the rights of people to practice other faiths is being misunderstood.