Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Something Might Happen

  • Josh Bernstein says that former President Barack Obama’s term was “a reign of terror for eight years, a miserable failure, and a stain on our great nation’s history.”
  • Unable to hold church services because of the COVID-19 pandemic, Rodney Howard-Browne has been reduced to hosting nightly marathon livestream programs where he inevitably ends up just arguing with trolls in the comments.
  • DeAnna Lorraine thinks that being an asymptomatic carrier means “you don’t freaking have” the coronavirus: “It’s not showing up in your system. It doesn’t show up in a test. You don’t have the coronavirus.”
  • Scott Lively declares that if he was in charge of handing out Pulitzer Prizes, he’d award one to The Gateway Pundit.
  • Finally, Cindy Jacobs reports that she has received a vague spiritual warning that “something is being planned on a ‘terrorist level’ to send chaos and confusion into the nation. I have polled other reliable sources, and they have felt a similar sensing.This could potentially happen on various levels. For instance, we could experience bioterrorism, economic terrorism and/or multi-site physical attacks on our nation’s capital. Various other soft targets could also be in the sights of wicked people who hate the United States.”