Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Something Is Going On

  • Richard Land says that if President Trump really did say that America should not be accepting immigrants from “shithole countries,” then he should have his mouth washed out with soap because “we don’t want our president using that kind of language.”
  • Samuel Rodriguez meekly says that he would “prefer elected officials to engage in language that represents the commitment to the image of God” but is mostly upset that people are saying that Trump is racist.
  • For his part, the best that Johnnie Moore could come up with regarding Trump’s comment was “obviously, those words aren’t words we would use, and everyone who knows us knows this.”
  • Robert Jeffress, of course, fully supports Trump: “Apart from the vocabulary attributed to him, President Trump is right on target with his policy.”
  • A helpful message from Dave Daubenmire: “I’m telling you, I know in my knower that something is at work in America. Something is going on.”
  • The anti-immigration group NumbersUSA is giving Trump a grade of B+ for his first year in office.
  • Finally, Jerome Corsi says that Deborah Wasserman Schultz contracted MS-13 to kill Seth Rich and that the two gang members who carried out the killing were then subsequently killed to cover it up.