Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Smells Like Failure

  • Sean Feucht penned an op-ed for Charisma News declaring “the righteous must seize cultural authority”: “It is not controversial for us to boldly declare that we want Christians to be writing the laws of the land according to the Word of God.”
  • Eric Metaxas reports that he was recently running “through Central Park in Harlem” when he “saw four teenagers smoking weed,” so he decided to give them a little advice: “As I passed them I shouted in a firm but friendly voice: ‘Smells like failure!’ and kept going. I said it as an act of love, honestly. I hope that at some point one of them might think about it.”
  • Jason Rapert has high hopes for the 2024 presidential election: “My hope is that the people of this nation will reelect Jesus to be on the throne here again in our country.”
  • Mark Robinson and Tim Barton are scheduled to speak at an upcoming Moms For Liberty event in Pennsylvania.
  • Finally, while Nick Fuentes hasn’t had his own account restored, he thinks that Elon Musk’s takeover of Twitter has been a boon for white nationalists because Musk has reinstated a lot of them and personally shares their views: “Not only has he replatformed thousands of rw accounts, but he himself is using his platform to post content that is more based than almost anyone in the mainstream American Right on race and other issues.”