Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Smash the Delusion

  • Dave Daubenmire is now targeting Attorney General William Barr’s wife as part of his campaign to pressure Barr to arrest Joe Biden, Barack Obama, and Hillary Clinton.
  • Josh Bernstein spoke at a “Stop The Steal” rally in Arizona, where he mostly just complained about being deplatformed from social media.
  • Kenneth Copeland laughs at the media for declaring that Biden has won the election.
  • Robert Jeffress, on the other hand, appears willing to accept that Trump has lost.
  • Hank Kunneman is not happy about being criticized after repeatedly proclaiming that Trump would be reelected.
  • Jim Garlow prays that “a fear of God” will fall on Biden and Kamala Harris and cause them to repent for supposedly trying to steal the election from Trump.
  • Finally, Michele Bachmann calls on God to “smash the delusion, Father, that Joe Biden is our president. He is not.”