Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Slaves to Satan

  • Why was Republican Gov. Bill Lee of Tennessee meeting with right-wing conspiracy theorist Todd Coconato?
  • Stew Peters is not happy that a clip from his program was played “The Howard Stern Show” recently, declaring that Stern and others who dare to mock him are “slaves to Satan.”
  • Lauren Witzke says that “Pride Parades are a pedophile movement and directly violate obscenity laws. They have no place in America and need to be made illegal.”
  • Robin Bullock claims that the stage at the Democratic National Convention in 2008 was modeled “after the throne of Satan.”
  • To celebrate the anniversary of the day he and his wife waved guns at Black Lives Matter protestors, Mark McCloskey held a “Pink Shirt Guy Barbeque and RINO Roast” last weekend. The turnout was unimpressive.
  • Finally, remember when Jeff Jansen “prophesied” that the military would remove President Joe Biden from office and reinstall Donald Trump by the end of April, only to push the date back to the end of June when that didn’t happen? Well, it’s now June 30, so time is running out.