Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Sham Impeachment

  • Operation Rescue issued a statement in support of President Donald Trump as impeachment hearings got underway in the House of Representatives today: “We believe this dubious impeachment process is attempting to unfairly deny the American people of that precious right [to vote], just as most of those who support impeachment have worked to deny innocent babies the precious right to life.”
  • Steven Andrew of USA Christian Church also issued a statement in support of Trump: “The Democrats are trying to overthrow the USA by falsely accusing President Trump in a sham impeachment, so Democrats can bring in an evil, anti-Christian type of socialism/communism.”
  • Gary Bauer is not a fan of the impeachment investigation: “I’ve been in Washington … a long time—and I’ve seen a lot of really disgusting, dirty tricks in politics and all the things that make people despise government—[but] I’ve never seen anything like this.”
  • Lance Wallnau warns that “the devil is better organized and better funded than we are and he is intent on taking this nation out and resetting the clock to do what he intended to do with Hillary in 2016.”
  • Gina Loudon claims that, thanks to Trump, women “are truly equal for the first time ever.”
  • Finally, Ron Ewart declares that “one day we may have no other choice but to, ‘Pick Up A Sword To Save Freedom’, or hide in the shadows like a coward, while our countrymen are slaughtered in the name of socialism.”