Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Satan’s Child

  • Gary Bauer says that Republicans should keep the government shut down because he “can find no evidence that in the next election – after these shutdowns – that Republicans lose any seats as a result of it.”
  • Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine says that he will proudly sign the state’s radical “Heartbeat Bill” that was twice vetoed by his predecessor, John Kasich.
  • Rick Wiles declares that “if you don’t serve Jesus Christ, you’re automatically Satan’s child. If you’re not a Christian, then Satan is your father.”
  • Don Boys proclaims that “homosexuality is wrong today, was wrong yesterday, and will be wrong tomorrow no matter what any court or authority might decide. However, stating that fact can be dangerous for its advocate … Homosexuality has always been considered an unspeakable crime against nature and against a holy God!”
  • Finally, Shari Wassell has a theory: “I believe that those who are announcing a 2020 run that are Democrats are criminals and they’re doing it so that they can say, when they get indicted, that, ‘It’s only happening because I’m trying to run for president.'”