Right Wing Bonus Tracks: ‘Satan Would Get Better Coverage’

  • Josh Bernstein wants to make it clear that he “is being serious” when he says the Democratic Party should be designated a terrorist organization.
  • Ben Shapiro says that while Elizabeth Warren is not as corrupt as Hillary Clinton, she is far more annoying than Clinton.
  • Breitbart News showers praise on Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, writing that he has “succeeded where his predecessor Secretary of State Hillary Clinton had failed, protecting American diplomacy personnel at an increasingly dangerous time in the Middle East.”
  • Frank Turek complains that “no president in our history deserves 93 percent negative coverage. Satan would get better coverage.”
  • Denis Prager’s digital outlet PragerU is launching a show featuring The Daily Wire’s Michael Knowles.
  • Finally, Bill Mitchell denies that American consumers are forced to pay higher prices for goods because of the tariffs imposed by President Donald Trump: “There is no evidence at all of that.”