Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Sane Like Us

  • Josh Bernstein says there is one word that guides his life: “It is defiance.” That seems like a terribly exhausting way to live one’s life.
  • David Lane longs for the days when Christians were in “authority over public education as they were throughout the 17th-19th centuries” so that the Bible “would be front and center in every classroom in America.”
  • Scott Lively anticipates that “the elites” will “orchestrate a ‘Great Collapse’ of the global economy sometime during the next three months to break all remaining resistance to a follow-on ‘Great Reset’ in the Spring – which in spiritual terms could represent the launch (or pre-launch) of the prophesied Antichrist Kingdom and in cultural/political terms would represent the end of human liberty pending the Second Coming of Christ and His Millennial Kingdom.”
  • Conservative political commentator Bob Just has carved out a career for himself by claiming to a Democrat so that he can appear on right-wing programs and bash Democrats. He did just that during a recent appearance on TheDove TV, but rather undercut his claim by admitting that he’s been “voting Republican for decades.”
  • Steve Strang complains that his friend Jim Bakker was a “victim of cancel culture” just because he had “a little fling.” For the record, Bakker was accused of raping a woman and then using ministry funds to pay her off.
  • Finally, Lance Wallnau says that people on the left are not “sane like us, they’re not rational like us,” while simultaneously complaining to a cardboard cutout of Mike Lindell about not receiving the MyPillow products he ordered for Christmas.