Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Russophobia

  • Jenna Ellis claims that former President Donald Trump and Rudy Giuliani (and, by extension, her) are just like the Founding Fathers for their efforts to overturn the election: “They have literally been willing to pledge their lives, their fortunes, and their scared honor.”
  • John Guandolo, a radical right-wing activist who said members of Congress who failed to help Trump steal the election should be “swinging from a rope,” was hanging out at Mar-a-Lago yesterday at an event with Trump.
  • Stew Peters brought right-wing anti-vaccine “expert” Stella Immanuel on to defend his satanic snake venom documentary. She did so by asserting that the world is filled with demon clones and is a lot like the movie “They Live.”
  • Scott Lively declares that “of the many hard truths Americans need to come to terms with, several involve Russia and Putin. Perhaps the most painful of them is that Vladimir Putin (whatever you may think of him) is right in calling the current U.S. administration (and that of Obama, Clinton, Bush Jr. and Bush Sr.) an ‘Empire of Lies.'”
  • Finally, Nick Fuentes has been incessantly spreading pro-Putin propaganda, and it finally scored him an appearance on Russian state television last night where he accused the world of “Russophobia” for condemning the invasion of Ukraine.