Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Rules by Lawless Monsters

  • “I’m the one you’ve been waiting for,” declares Republican gubernatorial candidate Kandiss Taylor of Georgia. “I believe in Jesus, guns, and babies.”
  • Lauren Witzke spent the weekend canvassing on behalf of fellow white nationalist Laura Loomer who is running for Congress in Florida.
  • For his part, white nationalist Vincent James spent his weekend doing what he could to ensure that people couldn’t buy a copy of “Maus.”
  • Do not ask Michele Bachmann how she thinks things are going these days: “We live in a time of utter madness, and we’re being ruled by lawless monsters.”
  • Jon Miller disapproves of Jenna Ellis’ criticism of the Florida legislature’s move to strip Disney of its special tax status as payback for the company’s opposition to the state’s “Don’t Say Gay” law: “Is it me or did Jenna Ellis get fatter and uglier after selling her soul to gay pedophiles?”
  • Finally, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene sat down for an interview with Michael Voris of the radical right-wing Catholic organization Church Militant, where she declared that the “spiritual character” of America has become so evil that “I don’t even know why God has not destroyed us.”