Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Ruled By Lunatics

  • Pat Robertson says that President Trump’s abrupt announcement that the U.S. is pulling out of Syria was really a brilliant “head fake.”
  • Rick Wiles warns that Russia is preparing to attack the United States as God’s judgment for the fact that “America is ruled by lunatics.”
  • Kerri Kupec, who recently became the spokesperson for the Department of Justice, is a 2011 graduate of Liberty University’s law school. That just so happens to be the year that LU law school professors were teaching students that lawyers must counsel clients that they have an obligation to ignore the law and engage in “civil disobedience” in order to uphold God’s law.
  • Sheila Zilinsky declares that Al Gore is the “high priest of the Mother Earth death cult” and “wants to kill off a huge percentage of the population.”
  • Finally, Paul McGuire tells his fellow Christians to “stop smoking the dope” and realize that “we are in the exact same place that Nazi Germany was when Hitler was just beginning to take over and the end game will be the same, except this time it will involve the mass slaughter and persecution of Christians.”