Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Rot and Decay

  • Jarrin Jackson declares that “the Democratic Party has morphed into the Pedocratic Party full of Groomers and Abusers of children. Time to REMOVE ALL RINOs to fight the demonic agenda of the Pedocratic Party.”
  • A warning from Wayne Allyn Root: “This is TREASON. Biden and his handlers are radical communist traitors. They are domestic terrorists and suicide bombers. It’s time to take the gloves off. These people want us banned, censored, silenced, bankrupt, stripped of all property, stripped of all guns, imprisoned for our political beliefs or dead. You can’t compromise with people who want you silenced or dead.”
  • Laura Loomer also issues a warning: “Our country is rapidly failing because we have total moral and societal ROT AND DECAY. Makes me sick to my stomach. I have to win my election for the sake of my country! Winning truly is the only option. I can’t take the insanity in my country anymore. I need to get to DC and fix all of this with a wrecking ball.”
  • Everett Piper is not a fan of Pride Month: “If there is any hope left for our nation, it is in the remnant who are, right now, on their knees, in confession and humility, praying for forgiveness rather than celebrating their pride.”
  • Finally, during an appearance on the “Wallbuilders Live” radio program Monday, Republican Texas state Rep. Phil King admitted that the state’s adoption system is completely unprepared to deal with the fallout of the Supreme Court’s forthcoming decision to overturn Roe v. Wade: “We feel like the dog that caught the car. … I do not think we are prepared for this.”