Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Rombauer

  • Angered over Capital One’s opposition to Georgia’s recently passed voter suppression law, Scott Lively posted a video in which he cut up his Capital One credit card.
  • David Lane declares that “when the masks and face coverings last year came on, it paradoxically showed the real face of our supposed leaders and rulers in all its sanctimoniousness and rapacious lust for power. The yearning for power over others with its inevitable, destructive abuses reached in no time epidemic proportions. One of its most destructive effects were on man’s humanity to man.”
  • Hank Kunneman continues to use his church services to rant about the 2020 election, insisting that former President Donald Trump won and now “deserves seven more years [in office] because you already stole one.”
  • Liberty Counsel warns that if the For the People Act voting rights reform legislation passes, “we will lose our freedom. … This is a ticking bomb. We must defuse it—FOREVER!”
  • Finally, Amanda Grace has uncovered the political significance behind the fact that the Preakness Stakes horse race was won by “a German-named horse”: “Who else do we know is of German descent? Donald Trump.”