Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Right Wing Watch Hates America And God

  • E.W. Jackson says that Right Wing Watch is a “crazy, left wing, hate-America, hate-Christians, hate-God” organization.
  • Todd Starnes is getting his own daily radio program.
  • Larry Klayman says that Bill and Hillary Clinton are “white trash.”
  • Rick Wiles had a prophetic dream.
  • Finally, this is not much of an apology from Rep. Pete Olson for asserting that the Clintons killed Vince Foster: “The personal wreckage suffered by many people during the Clinton years is well documented. Just ask Paula Jones, Jim and Susan McDougal, Kathleen Willey and many others. However, in my discussion about Loretta Lynch and Vince Foster, I took the accusations a step too far. I regret my choice of words. The fact remains Hillary Clinton broke the law, violated national security, and was excused away by Jim Comey and the Obama Justice Department. Most Americans understand this and loathe the Clintons for continuing to live under a different set of rules than the rest of us.”