Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Rick Joyner’s Very Alarming Dream

  • Butch Maltby excitedly declares that President Trump “is helping re-found America.”
  • Apparently, Roseanne Barr had once corresponded with “Pizzagate” conspiracy theorist David Seaman and now the two are engaged in a feud.
  • Liz Crokin has a gift: “I have a strange gift. I expose pedophiles. I could know nothing about you BUT, if you’re raping kids, I know! Not only am I NEVER wrong, I will make your life hell till you make it to Gitmo!”
  • Jesse Lee Peterson proclaims that July is “White History Month.”
  • Today was just an average day on Dave Daubenmire’s “Pass The Salt Live” webcast.
  • Finally, Rick Joyner had “a very alarming dream” in which it was revealed to him that God is very angry “about the pollution of the world and the destruction of the world with plastic.”