Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Rhymes With Hitler

  • Scott Lively warns that “America’s ‘Ark’ is our Bible-based constitution, which was stolen by our own home-grown Philistines who also destroyed our ‘Shiloh’ in the election coup of 2020/21.” What comes next? “We will never again return to self-rule under law” and instead be doomed to suffer under “an Antichrist.”
  • Stew Peters believes he knows which issues must first be “handled” before this nation can stop the epidemic of gun violence: “Transgenderism” and “LGBTQ.”
  • Right-wing pastor Rob McCoy spoke in Michigan recently, where he lashed out at Christians who refuse to “contend with the Alphabet mafia” and made sure to remind the audience that Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s name “rhymes with Hitler.”
  • Jason Rapert declares that any educator who teaches about gender issues “should be fired.” But, he insists, “No, that’s not the cancel culture. That’s what the left does.”
  • Finally, Ali Alexander hosted a Twitter Space the other day that lasted over six hours! Sorry, but even we are not masochists enough to torture ourselves with that.