Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Resentment and Hatred for America

  • Charlie Kirk declares that anyone who votes for Joe Biden “has total resentment and bitter hatred for America.
  • Cheryl Chumley says that because statues are being pulled down, “Christians have the right to wrap an American flag around a Baphomet statue’s head and set it on fire. And they should.”
  • The Family Research Council continues to pray against the recent Supreme Court ruling protecting LGBTQ rights: “God, please stir Your people as You did with the defense of human life, to embrace Your definition of sex as an assignment to pray—until You and Your created order are honored again in America! … Lord, it is time for You to act! Your law is being broken. Cause Your people to understand the many implications of this evil ruling. By Your mercy and grace may we fight and by Your strength and mercy, may Your truth, righteousness, and justice prevail.”
  • Roseanne Barr has been reduced to appearing on Ann Vandersteel’s YouTube show to ramble about how President Donald Trump is going to declare a Jubilee year and free us all from “debt slavery.”
  • Finally, if Brenden Dilley intends to use a fake doctor’s prescription as grounds to sue any establishment that requires him to wear a mask to prevent the spread of COVID-19, announcing that plan to the world doesn’t seem like a very smart idea.