Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Reprobate Minds And Demonic Wrath

  • Eugene Delgaudio declares that the new issue of Teen Vogue is “a clear case of mass obscenity aimed at impressionable underaged young Americans and should be treated as a case that requires immediate attention by investigation, lawful arrest, charging and punishment handed out to anyone else who knowingly sends explicit obscene solicitations to young people in this country.”
  • Kevin Swanson is very uneasy about men performing ballet in church.
  • Rob Pue attended a Pride march and will never forget the experience of witnessing “the utter delusion of reprobate minds and the demonic wrath of the militant LGBTQ+ agenda firsthand.”
  • The folks at the White House sure do love appearing on Pat Robertson’s channel.
  • Finally, Josh Bernstein calls on President Trump to “declare war on Congress.”