Right Wing Bonus Tracks: ‘Reagan Sucks’

  • Former GOP senator and current candidate for governor of Georgia David Perdue says that if former President Donald Trump can be banned from Twitter “then we turn into a Germany in 1933, a Russia in 1919, Cuba in 1959, and Venezuela today.”
  • QAnon conspiracy theorist Cirsten Weldon died of COVID-19 in January and now other QAnon conspiracy theorists are claiming she faked her own death, forcing Weldon’s friends to tell them to knock it off: “Can you imagine what that sharing of disinformation is doing to her family?”
  • Nick Fuentes made it clear that he is not a fan of Ronald Reagan during Thursday’s livestream: “I know [Ronald] Reagan sucks. I hate Reagan too.”
  • Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene thinks that it is “naive” and “irrational” to believe that the U.S. will always remain 50 states, asserting that if the Democrats don’t change their behavior, it may be time for a national divorce.
  • Finally, Shane Vaughn declares that “Mike Pence is worse than Judas Iscariot” for failing to help Trump steal the election: “[Judas] went and killed himself. That’s how bad he felt for what he did. But Mike Pence, you’re not as good as Judas Iscariot.”