Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Rational People Like Us

  • Bishop Larry Gaiters claims that President Joe Biden, Tom Hanks, and Bill and Hillary Clinton are all dead and have been replaced by clones.
  • Brigitte Gabriel declares that “Biden detests the American people.
  • Nobody knows the identity of DarkSide, the hacker group that shut down Colonial Pipeline with a ransomware attack, but Bill Mitchell is pretty confident “these are Democrats. I believe they’re basically antifa hackers.”
  • Todd Coconato thinks he has a point: “If a pipeline can be hacked, you’re telling me an election can’t be hacked?”
  • Dave Hayes says it’s important for the MAGA movement to have extremists who are advocating violence because that forces the establishment to “negotiate with rational people like us.”
  • Finally, DeAnna Lorraine asserts that we only call her a QAnon conspiracy theorist because we want everyone “sitting on their floor with no gasoline, eating worms.”