Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Queer Caliphate

  • Tim Barton claims that liberals will “say whatever they feel or think or want whether or not it’s backed up by actual factual information,” unlike conservatives who “are very cautious in what they say and when they say it.”
  • On a (literally) related note, David Barton will only agree to debate atheists if he is allowed “to speak 97 percent of the time.”
  • Mark Taylor predicts that President Trump will release the cure for cancer after he is re-elected in 2020.
  • Scott Lively says that “male homosexuality was singled out for special emphasis” in the Bible and “this is why homosexuals have accurately been called ‘deviants’ from time immemorial, and why authentic Christianity never condones or accommodates homosexuality or any of the sexual sins God condemns.”
  • Finally, Eugene Delgaudio declares that a “queer caliphate” rules America.