Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Putting the ‘T’ in ‘Tyranny’

  • Wayne Ally Root is calling for a national strike to shut down the entire nation in response to the arrest of former President Donald Trump.
  • Attempting to defend his handling of the allegations that Ali Alexander has a history of propositioning underage males, Nick Fuentes admits that knew that “Ali was bisexual” and that “he flirted with me when I was, you know, 19 or 20.”
  • Speaking of Fuentes, Anna Perez is now playing clips from his show on her own “WrongThink” program.
  • Charlie Kirk declares that “the ‘T’ in ‘LGBT’ stands for ‘tyranny.'”
  • Andrew Wommack warns that “homosexuality will kill you, transgenderism will kill you, liberalism will kill you.”
  • Finally, Rachel Hamm is so confident that God “has anointed Donald Trump to be president” that she’s apparently considering moving from California to Florida solely because she thinks that she would make a great press secretary: “I think being press secretary is an excellent role for me.”