Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Prove It, Bill Donohue

  • John Guandolo continues to suggest that the anti-Semitic man charged with murdering 11 people at a synagogue in Pittsburgh last weekend may have secretly been a Muslim convert: “Nobody has raised that question, except me.”
  • Alex Jones appeared on air as a gay frog in reference to one of his most notorious conspiracy theories.
  • A warning from David Lane: “Media elites have worked overtime this year to keep under wraps the savage uproar and turmoil orchestrated by George Soros, Antifa anarchistic subversives, left-wing tyrannous mobs and rabid Berkeley-type radicals. All are demagogues, up to no good.”
  • E.W. Jackson is urging all Christians to “vote Republican in every gubernatorial race, senatorial race, every House race” in support of President Trump.
  • Finally, the Catholic Leage’s Bill Donohue is outraged about a mailing criticizing Rep. Lee Zeldin’s record on reproductive rights and claims that he “would register a vigorous protest if a Republican organization were to send a mailer with graphic pictures of bloody unborn babies, attacking an abortion-rights Democrat.” Well, that exact thing happened in Texas, so we’ll be waiting to hear Donohue’s condemnation.