Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Prophets Don’t Apologize

  • Kat Kerr will not apologize for repeatedly prophesying that Donald Trump would win reelection and serve a second term because “nowhere in the Bible does it say prophets have to apologize for anything.”
  • Greg Locke likewise declares that he’ll never repent or apologize for guaranteeing Trump would serve a second term, adding that he’ll never accept Joe Biden’s presidency because he’s “not required by God to accept something and submit to something that I know is demonic and fraudulent.”
  • Despite the fact that Biden is now president, Dave Daubenmire is not giving up hope: “I still believe that Donald Trump will be president of the United States.”
  • Just days before Biden was inaugurated, leading QAnon conspiracy theorist Dave Hayes (aka The Praying Medic) claimed that former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo was sending out coded messages on Twitter revealing that Trump had a secret plan to stay in office, which Hayes said corresponded with exactly what God was telling him personally.
  • Josh Bernstein hopes that every Republican who “betrayed” Trump by failing to help him overturn the election gets a “flesh eating disease … because they deserve to suffer in pain for the rest of their lives.”
  • Mike Lindell mocks Dominion’s threat to sue him for spreading baseless election fraud conspiracy theories and challenges them to do so: “Please sue me, Dominion.”
  • Finally, the Family Research Council prays for help in fighting the new Biden administration: “Oh God, this new administration promises radical new changes. Be with Tony Perkins, FRC and all those who pray with us and support us. Help us to soldier up, not with carnal armor and weapons, but with spiritual. The Biden administration and Congress have promised to enact public policies beyond anything we have ever faced as a people before. Their promises shake our sensibilities, challenge our most sacred values, our faith, our consciences, and our Christian and American traditions. Many believers feel like throwing in the towel and giving up. But such is not an option. We were born to take a righteous stand amid what we are seeing.”