Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Promote an Agenda

  • It is rather ironic to hear Tim Barton accusing academics of failing “to be intellectually honest” about American history because they seek “to promote a narrative and an agenda” given that they exact same thing can be said about him and his Christian nationalist pseudo-historian father.
  • Speaking of the Bartons, Rep. Daniel Webster was thrilled to be able address a group of right-wing pastors they recently brought to the U.S. Capitol.
  • Ali Alexander brags that he hasn’t lost a single friend in the wake of reports that he has a long history of propositioning underage males, declaring that the last few weeks have been among the best in his life.
  • Benny Johnson just hired Josiah David Moody as a digital media specialist.
  • Finally, Sean Feucht takes credit for curing Florida First Lady Casey DeSantis of cancer: “We prayed over her [and] a month later, she was cancer free.”