Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Programming Them With Yoga

  • Alex McFarland is outraged that the Alabama House voted to lift the state’s ban on yoga in public schools: “I personally think that for Christian parents the public schools just can no longer be an option. You have to get your kids out of these programming camps that pass for public schools.”
  • Brenden Dilley says that professional soccer player Megan Rapinoe doesn’t make as much money as a man because she’s “an unlikable tw*t” and suggests that if she wants to make more money, she should “[show] us her boobs.”
  • E.W. Jackson insists that former President Donald Trump and Rush Limbaugh were very humble men because the true mark of humility is “agreeing with God and seeking to obey him.”
  • Right-wing pastor Kent Christmas used a recent livestream to command “the spirit of homosexuality to leave thy children.”
  • Finally, Diamond and Silk are calling for the military to remove President Joe Biden from office and then “get to the bottom of what the American people saw in the 2020 election. We cannot forget or forgive that.”