Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Private Time With the Lord

  • Mario Murillo was not a fan of President Joe Biden’s speech on the state of the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic: “I am trying to exercise restraint and grant due respect. But there comes a time when the corruption and madness is so beyond the pale that human decorum must be set aside for the sake of truth and decency. It is difficult to say which part of the speech was the most unbearable. It was as if the father of lies had written the speech.”
  • Brenden Dilley suspects that Biden was wearing an earpiece during his speech and being told what to say by “that gay, lispy fuck” former Rep. Barney Frank.
  • “Prophetess” Amanda Grace claims that God allowed Donald Trump to lose the 2020 election so that Trump would have the private time necessary “for the Lord to really reveal himself to President Trump.”
  • Cliff Kincaid declares that “the police in the [George] Floyd case did their job. They shouldn’t be on trial. They should be given medals for bravery.”
  • Finally, right-wing pastor Jackson Lahmeyer intends to launch a primary challenge to Republican Sen. James Lankford of Oklahoma and will be kicking off his campaign Tuesday at an event where he’ll be endorsed by Michael Flynn.